The Post Office Project
The Post Office Project

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Our Key Publications


Growns et al (2023) The Post Office Scandal in the United Kingdom: Mental health and social experiences of wrongly convicted and wrongly accused individuals in Legal and Criminological Psychology. brief report summarising some of the key findings is available here.

Moorhead et al (2023) Miscarriages of Justice, and Computer Evidence, Brian Altman KC’s General Review and the Post Office Scandal, (2023) 20 Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review 96-119


WPI, Issues arising in the Conduct of the Bates Litigation, August 2021

WP2, Comments on the Horizon Inquiry’s Provisional list of issues, September 2021

WP3, The Conduct of Horizon Prosecutions and Appeals, October 2021

WP4, Submissions on Four Themes, October 2021

WP5, The Perils of Independent Review, The Swift and Knight Review, October 2022

WP6, Brian Altman’s General Review, May 2023

WP7, The First Flat Earther: How ‘clever’ strategy might drive professional error, March 2024



On 8th November 2021, Professor Moorhead made oral submissions to the Post Office Horizon Inquiry.

29th May 2024, The Post Office and their lawyers: an extraordinary orthodoxy, A public lecture by Professor Moorhead at the Law School, University of Strathclyde


Videos prepared by us relevant to the Scandal and our work are available on our YouTube channel.